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Bow Thruster Door System
Bow Thruster Door System

The main purpose of the BTD system in the field of research ships is to reduce the hydrodynamic noise and bubble caused by the opening of the bow side tunnel to avoid the adverse effect of noise and bubble on the performance of the scientific instrument to the greatest extent.

The main purpose of the BTD system for commercial ship is to reduce the ship's navigation resistance. This can make the ship improve fuel efficiency, reduce energy consumption and save energy and environmental protection while ensuring the maneuverability. 

 The main components of the BTD are:

  • BTD shutters;
  • Actuator;
  • Hydraulic system;
  • Operation control system
year builder owner shipyard system supplied ship
2018 Jiangnan Shipyard (CSSC) Ocean University of China
  • Double Drop Keel
R/V Dong Fang Hong 3