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SEMS has decided to comply with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 in agreement with SEMS philosophy to want to adapt itself to the new market requirements constantly.

Adopting the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 SEMS aspires to have continual improvement in performance of organization with focus on excellence; aspires to pursue customer satisfaction as prime goal; aspires to providing quality products and services to meet customer requirements.

The following Quality Policy shows the General Management one’s desire to obtain and maintain for a long time the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification; the first step of this process is to involve all SEMS employees and partners in this policy.

Shown below SEMS Quality Policy goals:

  • To satisfy our customers and all partners.
  • To satisfy products requirements.
  • To preserve a good company climate
  • To support SEMS employee’s professional development
  • To have continual improvement in performance of organization with focus on excellence.
  • To optimize internal processes.

 This document has been propagated among all SEMS employees and managers through email, website, meetings and publishing in the notice board of the office; all visitors can read it.

Also, SEMS has defined measurable objectives in others detailed documents which are revised every year after the annual re-examination of the General Management, so that SEMS can improve its Quality Management System (QMS) efficacy and efficiency.

Shown below SEMS Quality Management System (QMS) general principles:


  • To guarantee the compliance to quality, technical and contractual requirements.
  • To improve the reliability of SEMS products and services.
  • To improve customer satisfaction.
  • To develop and optimized SEMS processes and SEMS know-how.


  • To improve employees’ competence, professionality, participation and motivation.
  • To support the cultural growth of the company, support the research and analysis of all causes of any possible problems.
  • To take on young qualified people and improve their competence to be competitive in the present and in the future.
  • To manage efficaciously all investments and make available all necessary resources (structures, equipment)
  • To assure a good work environment.
  • To maintain an hight level of supplier performance.


  • To improve constantly SEMS performances.
  • To support all the processes concerning the investigation of causes and solutions of any possible problems
  • systematically measure SEMS performance to increase the results.
  • To consolidate the structure and the corporate dimension.
  • To increase the number of customers and meet all market needs.

The Quality Management System is a guide to organize and manage Company processes.

Adopting a QMS, SEMS General Management undertakes to describe and document all internal processes and describe a system of measurement and control of these processes.

The commitment of SEMS General Management was carried out with the nomination of a Quality Responsible who has the following tasks:

  • To help all employees at the right application of the QMS;
  • To give to all (employees, customers, suppliers) a precise and complete informative support.

The SEMS General Management, which is directly involved in the application, the improvement, and the development of the QMS, has decides to work hard so that all quality principles defined in the procedures and instructions are explained, clearly understood, and shared by all employees and partners.

All SEMS team is invited to contribute to the success of the project by adapting, as of now, to the principles contained in this Quality Policy.