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Moonpool Bottom Hatch

The bottom hatch of moon pool is located bottom in the moon pool and it is used on research vessels and offshore support vessels (OCSV).

The size of the Moonpool bottom hatch can be designed tailor made to customer requirements.

When opening the bottom hatch is able to operate the Lars system; when close the bottom hatch that it is alignment with hull plate.

The design of the SEMS moon pool system meets the requirements of the classification society and the general rules, rules and conventions, end uses enviromental conditions to meet the requirements of the classification society concerning the international navigation, unlimited navigation area (including polar region).

Technical details:

  1. Clean size opening: about 3200mm x 3200mm
  2. Sealing performance: watertight - 12m water pressure - 0.12mpa
  3. Opening&closing mode: single hinged upward open. The hinge is arranged on the aft bulkhead of moon pool
  4. Drive mode: hydraulic cylinder

year builder owner shipyard system supplied ship
2019 Jiangnan Shipyard (CSSC) Polar Research Institute of China (PRIC) Xue Long 2